Chronic Pain: Safe & Effective Strategies for prescribing Opioids

Together with your team you have the opportunity to improve safe and effective strategies for prescribing opioids in patients with chronic pain, improve teamwork and receive Maintenance of Certification Part IV credit for practice improvement.  Your project will take 4-6 months to complete.

This module will walk you through the quality improvement process in 3 phases.  Assess, Improve and Reflect:

Assess:  This phase will start with learning about Quality Improvement.  Collecting baseline data will help you measure you current performance.  Through this analysis, your team will choose a process to improve and create an aim statement to drive the improvement process.  Your team will identify specific changes for improvement through a process and cause analysis.  Using information from this analysis will guide the identification of specific change(s) or interventions you can test that will result in practice improvement. 

Improve: Continue on your quality improvement journey by putting your improvement strategy into action as you work through Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycles.  Collecting data after each cycle to compare baseline and results from your improvement cycles will determine if the interventions were successful.

Reflect: Upon completion of two PDSA cycles, your team will reflect on changes implemented so you can sustain and spread your improvement efforts.

Earn Points for your Board for meeting the MOC Part IV requirements for Performance in Practice and AAPA Category 1 PI-CME credits.

You and your team will receive CME/CE credit as well as the satisfaction of knowing that you have improved care for your patients.

You should complete this module in 4-6 months, but the pace of completion is up to you and your team.

Cost:  $280 per learner.

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